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Prompted for LUKS passphrase twice on startup
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Whenever booting up my PureOS installation with full-disk encryption, I'm prompted for the LUKS passphrase twice, even though I enter it correctly, and get a message at the top that says it was decrypted successfully. I looked for another open issue about this, but couldn't find one, so I'm opening it here. Feel free to close this ticket, if an open one already exists.

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ezs777 created this task.Jul 24 2018, 15:51

Interesting. Might be related to Calamares.

Description of what I noticed during installation:

  1. The check box is checked and the passphrase input box is visible (so far so good)
  2. I un-check the check box and the passphrase input box goes away but the check box remains checked (unexpected)
  3. I un-check the check box again, the passphrase input box does not show up but the check box is now unchecked

Noticed the same reproducible sequence of events in:

calamares 3.2.7-0pureos3


calamares 3.2.11-0pureos1

I'm not sure whether the 2 issues are related or not. I should have authored a new task and cross-referenced.