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Installing packages hangs on plymouth --ping
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<zlatan> can you cherry-pick this fix and upload it to landing?

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chris.lamb created this task.May 12 2018, 14:19

This was not fixed in the above due to ("git repository missing latest 0.9.3-2 upload")

Fixed in however

chris.lamb reopened this task as Open.May 16 2018, 08:34
chris.lamb added a subscriber: d3vid.

Re-opening. I just installed plymouth from green and it still has this behaviour.

@zlatan.todoric What led you to suggesting that particular patch...?

chris.lamb added a comment.EditedMay 16 2018, 08:35

I think it doesn't matter what keys you hit (as long as you press something) it will eventually timeout to some degree.

Or is this an entirely unrelated issue? Could do with some guidance here :)

Ah, wait, it *is* an unrelated issue:

Will test/fix when I'm back in front of my Librem.

chris.lamb closed this task as Resolved.May 16 2018, 10:35

re-closing this issue for now