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[FREEDOM ISSUE] snapd - linked to external source
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Package: snapd
Tag: [uses-nonfree]
Reference: -
Short description: After installing snapd it is possible to install packages from an external source (the Snap store)
Proposed solution: patch
Replacement: -
Notes: You can add and remove sources with snapd, so it should be possible to patch it to not include the Snap store by default.

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d3vid created this task.May 10 2018, 05:16
mladen lowered the priority of this task from 95 to Freedom Issue.May 15 2018, 02:10

What is the purpose of snapd other than to download packages from external sources?

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d3vid added a comment.Aug 8 2018, 07:40

It is a package manager. You can use it to install a .snap file (snap package) that you have downloaded by some other means, or that you have built yourself locally:

From :

Now that everything needed for the hello app to run has been packaged inside a snap. You can install it locally.
The --dangerous flag needs to be used here because your snap has not been signed.
$ sudo snap install hello_2.10_*.snap --dangerous
hello 2.10 installed
Congratulations, you’ve just made and installed your first snap!