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grsec: gnome-user-settings unavailable to unlock
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I assume this is grsecurity related, I can test non-grsecurity later if required.
If I try to add a user (so I can show the Librem 13 at a conference without logging in as my user), I cannot unlock the settings:

Furthermore the screenshot showing gnome-user-settings is not able to upload to this ticket

"Upload Failure"
Screenshot from 2017-03-24-13-41-00.png
Exception: No configured storage engine can store this file. See "Configuring FIle Storage" in the documentation for information on configuring storage engines.

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todd created this task.Mar 24 2017, 13:44
zlatan.todoric closed this task as Wontfix.Aug 19 2017, 12:15

Removing grsec support from PureOS. More