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PureOS should include ICC color calibration profiles for all Librem models
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According to a laptop review, Librem devices benefit from profiling the display.

We should therefore create and maintain ICC color calibration profiles for each display type shipped with Purism devices, and include them with PureOS.

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jonas.smedegaard triaged this task as Normal priority.Apr 22 2018, 04:04
jonas.smedegaard created this task.

I co-maintain the package icc-profiles-free in debian where it would be appropriate to include ICC profiles once created.

I have access to Librem 13v1 and Librem 13v2, but have no access to Librem 15v2 or Librem 15v3.

I have no working colorimeter (I own an old colorimeter without Linux drivers and likely too old to handle LCD monitors properly). Also, my experience doing profiling is limited, so input from others with more experience is appreciated.

@francois: You use Librem 15v3, right? Do you own a properly working calibration device?

@todd: Can Purism pay for a ColorHug2 for me? It is an Open Source Hardware (OSHW) certified device using Free drivers. It costs 95 british pounds.

davidrevoy added a subscriber: davidrevoy.EditedApr 22 2018, 08:41

@jonas.smedegaard : Thank you for adding this item to the tracker after my review and for the ping by email.

Adding a ICC by default is good idea. It will be criticized, because the state of art practice advices strongly to do it per single monitor on a regular basis (monthly?). Providing a unique ICC profile for many devices and without taking in account how the LED will age is probably not the best practice. That disclaimer said; I truely believe it is still better to provide a generic ICC out-of-the-box than to provide nothing ; that's why I started this paragraph saying it is a good idea.

Here I have a Pantone Huey Pro, and I can generate a profile for the Librem13 version2. It's not an ideal device but it works.

+1 if you can get a ColorHug2; this device will leave a good hardware signature on the creation of the generic ICC because being OSHW certified device and so, compatible/compliant with the core value of Purism.

thanks for the input, @davidrevoy.

Yes, it is indeed better to calibrate uniquely and frequently - an option only for those with access to a colorimeter, however.

ColorHug2 ordered - should be shipped tomorrow (from UK to Denmark, so if lucky arrives this week).

todd added a comment.Apr 23 2018, 09:54

@todd: Can Purism pay for a ColorHug2 for me? It is an Open Source Hardware (OSHW) certified device using Free drivers. It costs 95 british pounds.

confirming "yes" here as well.

@jonas.smedegaard the Librem 15 v3 has a TN screen (instead of ISP) so it is not really good for graphics and I do my work on the Librem 13 instead.

That said, I have never calibrated the screen of the Librem 13 because I don't know how to do that on PureOS.

When I do video and photo grading, I tend to use the graphs (Waveform for contrast and RGB Parade for colors) as a reference but most of the time, I try to replicate color distortions from analog photography to give it the touch of "imperfection" from non digital art. So I am not really into perfect color accuracy and mainly trust the graphs.

d3vid added a subscriber: d3vid.Apr 24 2018, 05:15