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grsec: disk formatting/partitioning may not work
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Trying to format an iso onto usb using Gnome Disks, errors, I assume it is grsec, but have not confirmed by testing outside grsec kernel. But can format just fine from the command prompt.

See screenshot for error:

See command prompt for success:

todd@librem-13:~$ sudo mkdosfs -n "PureOS-3.0-beta" -I /dev/sdc -F 32
mkfs.fat 4.1 (2017-01-24)
mkfs.fat: warning - lowercase labels might not work properly with DOS or Windows
attribute "partition" not found
todd@librem-13:~$ sudo dd if=Downloads/pureos-3.0~beta1-live-amd64.hybrid.iso of=/dev/sdc bs=4k
316992+0 records in
316992+0 records out
1298399232 bytes (1.3 GB, 1.2 GiB) copied, 230.051 s, 5.6 MB/s
todd@librem-13:~$ sudo sync
todd@librem-13:~$ sudo eject /dev/sdc

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Removing grsec support from PureOS. More