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Xorg crashes on startup with "No display" error
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Steps to reproduce:

  1. Make USB stick as per instructions
  2. Boot on Thinkpad X200 with Libreboot
  3. Select "Boot external drives"
  4. (a) Select "Install" option from GRUB
  5. (a) Xorg spams display with crash errors
  6. (b) Select "failsafe"
  7. (b) run "startx"
  8. (b) Xorg crashes with "No display" error

Expected Result:
No Xorg crash, proper GUI

I can attempt to get various logs on request.

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I have run PureOS on a Libreboot X200, and not run into this problem. From the Libreboot GRUB menu, try selecting the "Select GRUB2 configuration from external disk" option instead of, "Boot from USB," and then choose the install option from there; that has always worked for me.

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