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Evolution does not update messages
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Evolution is "stuck" on displaying older messages and does not update. Scrolling up/down does not work. Message send/receive seems to update the new messages but does not display them. For instance, it will say that I have 5 new messages but will not show them to me.

Librem 13v2/PureOS 8.

Restarted several times, updated machine. Result the same.

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is this still happening? @todd I know you also use evolution often, do you experience the same issues?

todd added a comment.Jan 15 2018, 16:51

I don't have this issue; I have had a user-related issue when I leave the search box filled in with something, and forgot I was showing search results within a folder, and wonder where the unread are. But this was user error.

I am running the latest software (from today).

I'm not seeing this anymore so task could be closed.

zlatan.todoric closed this task as Resolved.Feb 8 2018, 10:06