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please drop forked povray package: Freedom issue fixed in Debian since 1:
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Debian povray-doc package is free (seemingly as part of general relicensing to AGPL) and built from povray package since 1:

Forked Purism package should therefore be dropped, and Debian package used instead.

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mak closed this task as Resolved.Nov 30 2017, 10:03

Whoops, I forgot to close this...
The package has been force-synced with Debian and is now tracking Debian Testing again.

jonas.smedegaard reopened this task as Open.Dec 6 2017, 01:41

This issue seems _not_ solved: Current povray package in PureOS green is 1: (the version which I explicitly requested to _drop_ as part of this issue).

mak added a comment.Dec 20 2017, 21:20

This one was uploaded *after* I reverted the previous changes. Now I can't do that anymore without a fake upload, since the PureOS version is newer than in Debian.

I don't understand which timeline you are talking about.

The timeline I talk about is this:

  • November 25: povray 1: enters Debian testing, but blocked for PureOS by our 1:
  • November 27: povray 1: pushed for landing, but blocked in PureOS NEW because it contains new binary package
  • November 27: I file this issue, requesting 2 things: a) drop our fork, and b) unblock Debian package
  • November 30: You close this issue, seemingly addressing only b)

I understand that by now it is too late to change, because the fork has entered green.

What I do not understand is what you say was uploaded after something else.

mak added a comment.EditedFeb 16 2018, 15:58

The package went through NEW after I synchronized it with Debian, which leads to this situation now:
INFO: Can not sync povray: Target version '1:' is newer/equal than source version '1:'.
So, we can only properly sync this with Debian when the Debian version is newer (the archive will not allow downgrades).

I'll keep an eye on this.

Either povray 1: went through NEW when I uploaded it on November 27 - three days _before_ your changes, or in went through NEW caused by your interventions.

As already stated I understand it is too late to change. My point when reopening was simply that we should close this issue when solved, not before.

jonas.smedegaard lowered the priority of this task from Freedom Issue to Normal.Feb 28 2018, 02:41
jonas.smedegaard removed a project: Freedom.
jonas.smedegaard removed a subscriber: jonas.smedegaard.
mak closed this task as Resolved.Mar 21 2018, 14:48

This was taking far too long on the Debian side for a new package to be uploaded, therefore I just did a dummy upload to reset the changes.
As soon as a newer package is published in Debian, it will automatically by synced to PureOS, removing the delta entirely.