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Pure OS continually disconnects my computer from VPN
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I use a VPN, and I'm constantly disconnected from it, whether I use the VPN developer's own application, or GNOME's OpenVPN. It will connect successfully, and then a few seconds/minutes later, I will be disconnected. I have actually tried using two different VPN providers, and the same thing happens with both: Private Internet Access and Mullvad.

Pure OS is up-to-date; I've run apt-get update && apt-get upgrade, and I'm told as much.

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ezs777 created this task.Sep 16 2017, 07:20

Same issue for me and I have another VPN provider as ezs777 mentioned above.

ezs777 added a comment.Oct 7 2017, 15:00

I am currently using Debian 9.1 (Stretch) on a Libreboot x200, and while I still have problems with the Mullvad appliation, the connection is stable when I use OpenVPN: only disconnecting every once in a while. Presently, It's been going continuously since this morning (9am), without any issues.

I think this might point to the problem being with the versions of OpenVPN and NetworkManager used by PureOS, rather than being related to the GNOME desktop environment itself.

d3vid added a comment.Nov 6 2017, 06:52

I've been using the GNOME desktop for VPN access for a few weeks now. Running up-to-date PureOS-green on a Librem 15v3. Currently using openvpn 2.4.4, network-manager-openvpn-gnome 1.2.8, network-manager-gnome 1.8.4.

I only experience issues when my access point itself has connectivity issues (typically on a public access point like a coffee shop). On stable access point, I do not encounter problems.

I know that the PIA client is non-free and I couldn't get it to install last time I tried (they support Ubuntu but not Debian). I'd suggest just importing OVPN files with GNOME Network Manager.

@QiZhi @ezs777 Are you still experiencing issues on known stable access points? Is it possible there's been a package update that has resolved the issue?

I'd suggest just importing OVPN files with GNOME Network Manager.

Just as a quick FYI I've found PIA's OpenVPN files (or at least the .zip you can readily find) to be incomplete or outdated. IIRC there is a "strong" version of the zip, for some reason.

In the end I ended up basing some of my connections on the openvpn files and

ezs777 added a comment.Nov 11 2017, 06:22

@d3vid, my connection is stable. I have no problems when not connected to the VPN; the connection never just suddenly drops, like it does when I am using it. Also, my packages are all up-to-date, and the problem still persists into this morning.

So, which VPN provider are you using? I only used PIA to test whether it was an issue with the specific client, the hardware, or with the network-manager software; I would prefer to not use any non-free software.

I had face connectivity issues and quite regularly. I can not blame free vpn services as you wont pay to them, though mentioning some of them who create less issues( But even i saw such issues in premium packages so i would also recommend to go with Expressvpn or surfshark as they have great advanced features that provide you smoothless service with out any disruption.

jonas.smedegaard triaged this task as Normal priority.May 27 2021, 07:25