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Calamares encrypted install does not work
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I am not sure if this is known already so decided to create a track.

If using this method of installation: the system won't boot:

If using direct installer, the encrypted installation does work, I get nice graphical prompt to enter my encryption key password.

Not sure if this could be the problem with coreboot.

Device: Librem 13 v1, sata disk.
ISO version: 2017-08-12
Upstream issue:

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mladen created this task.Aug 13 2017, 04:29
mladen added a comment.Aug 13 2017, 04:32

mladen updated the task description. (Show Details)Aug 28 2017, 04:00
mladen added a comment.Sep 4 2017, 07:01

Upstream fixed the bug.

mladen added a comment.Oct 2 2017, 05:04

@mak There's new version of kpmcore, perhaps it will solve this issue?

d3vid added a subscriber: d3vid.Oct 27 2017, 03:57
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mak added a comment.Mar 11 2018, 14:16

I made this work now, but there is a bunch of other changes I would like to do first, still.
(Like installing on an unencrypted /boot by default)

mak closed this task as Resolved.Mar 11 2018, 19:50

This is fixed in calamares >= 3.2~rc3-0pureos2 now, but will also require a rebuild of the live images to be in full effect.
For some reason, Calamares doesn't create a swap partition right now, I am currently investigating that behavior (and playing with the idea of using swapfiles instead of swap partitions).
Once that issue is dealt with, I will build new live ISO images.

d3vid added a comment.Mar 12 2018, 02:16

@mak Great news!

At some point I would like to do a re-install following the instructions at -- what ticket can I now follow to hear when that is ready?