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Backport seahorse_40.0-2 from debian testing to byzantium
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This version of seahorse works out of the box with byzantium amd64 and arm, without new dependencies.

So I imagine backporting it will be not so difficult.

The reason for asking the backport is that:

This version of seahorse from debian testing (40.0-2) is almost fully adaptive, with support for touch displays and so it is much more usable on a Librem 5.

witht the current version of seahorse on the Librem 5 a user has no way to manage the passwords on his keyring.

With the version from debian testing, users can manage keyring passwords on an Librem 5.

For more context, see:

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Will have a look at this over the weekend, shouldn't be that difficult on the technical side.


I've prepared a setup on

The added CI/CD pipeline was running successful.

Right now there is no package in I can create a MR for. I'm in contact with Guido how a meaningful and efficient workflow should be (not only for me) to create Debian based packages in PureOS.

As there is no MR further suggestions or criticism should take place here I guess.

nice, I have no criticism :D

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The packaging effort for seahorse has now reached landing so this issue can be closed.