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Dec 13 2019, 14:33 (220 w, 2 d)

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Dec 14 2019

si added a comment to T109: new: invent virtualizing on top of the seL4/NOVA microkernel, either using CAmkES or as a Genode virtualization component.

before one thinks about repurposing intel ME, maybe try to repurpose its (near) equivalent on AMD first. A Czech guy gave a talk on this, he found a way into it.

Dec 14 2019, 03:08 · PureOS Grsec, Restricted Project, Restricted Project
si added a watcher for Librem Coreboot: si.
Dec 14 2019, 02:48
si created P10 notes.
Dec 14 2019, 02:43
si awarded PureOS Debian Team a Party Time token.
Dec 14 2019, 01:51