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How To Incorporate Direct Quotations in Your Essay?


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Essay writing, an activity sounds fun some and boring to most of you out there? Yes, I have heard that a lot. Even many of you reading me right now might be thinking I am some nerd crazy human wanting you all to find fun in academic work. Write an essay and call it fun? Yes, that is true and that is not an alien thing. I am sure many of you must have experienced so far that if you start studying with interest you might like it as well. Let’s find a way to do so.

Let’s try writing an essay like a pro essay writer and make u feel is there any fun to do or not. All you need to do is get some basic steps and tricks in your head while you start writing your essay and once you are done with it. You might just feel happy but excited to show the world what interesting piece of writing you have created. Essay writing is not rocket science. You just need to make yourself sit and concentrate. Take the basic idea and steps. The steps include



Outline formation

Annotated bibliography

Thesis statement formation

Write introduction

Formulate the body of your essay

Support your argument with minimum 3 evidence paragraphs

Formulate the conclusion

Restate thesis

Finalize the discussion

And boom! You are done with your essay. I know these steps that seem so easy and small are going to drain you a bit. The easiest way for you is to find an interesting way to make your essay a little alive and engaging that does not have to restate a topic of discussion and some knowledge. Just help yourself with some references from other writers as well. You have a complete section that. What that? The body of your essay. You are not just meant to restate your three topic sentences providing a claim. You must provide evidence to justify your argument and supporting ideas as well or can get online help from Dissertation Writing Services

We were just talking about making your essay interesting yet appealing. Adding quotes to your discussion makes a big difference in your writing. Quotations instantly provide some positive way to attract the reader and make him believe you are writing an authentic piece of literature with evidence from other scholarly articles as well. Because otherwise, the reader might think it’s a vague article providing wrong ideas to proceed with their discussion and sending in the wrong information to the world. Do you want some help to get good and authentic in your essays? Let me help you with that as well.

Let’s move towards the quotation insertion ideas which are a little detailed and tricky but I am sure you can do it. There are two types of quotations that need to be put into formulating an authentic and interesting research essay. If I would have been in your pace and asked to write my essay I could have researched and found the primary and secondary resources so far to add to my text. By that, I just remembered to let you know what are these two primary and secondary resources.

The type of data that you add into your essay to support your claim comes from either “Primary resources” or “secondary resources”.

Primary sources

Primary sources are the direct quotes or poems that you take from another writer or text, the same writer, and the same text on which you are proceeding with your discussion or argument. This primary source works effectively to provide you with evidence from the original text.

Secondary Sources

Secondary sources are the quotes or indirect versions of ideas that you take from other writers that are not primary source essay writer . These secondary sources might include direct quotes. It might also include indirect quotes or ideas from the secondary sources which are rephrased further and added.

How to Add Direct Quotes in your essay?

Direct quotes cover the good surface area in your essay whereas also work as the most supportive element to support your argument in the essay. However, there as certain terms and conditions to apply when you add direct quotations to your text.

1. Short Quotes

Short quotations that are just one line or somewhere between one to three lines are welcomes to be known as short quotes, often placed within the same paragraph same sentence.

2. Lead-in Introducing Quote

Quotes that are meant to introduce the reader to what kind of debate he is getting into. These are often one or two-line sentences presented at the very top.

Sandwich Rule for long quotes

Some quotes exceed over 3 lines or some specific word count. These quotes are presented through a sandwich rule. According to the rule, the writers are meant to provide the reader a little review of the idea of what, who, where, and when a reader has been assigned an order. A small discussion is also done after inserting the quote as well. These quotes are often double indented with no commas around them.

If you are a beginner in the field. You must not have an idea of how quotations in essays work. You must have had much assistance from this discussion. If not, you can also contact some essay writing service agency to get your desired assistance as well. 

Once you will get your interest to develop in the field and this academic activity I am sure you will never get bored out of it. It’s a lifetime savior skill and activity to get along with. Good luck!

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