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Reset forgotten root password
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Dear Mladen,
first: how can I reset my root password - I've forgotten my password and now I need it to install a printer or software. With the sudo su command I have no success because I dont't know my root password - very bad, I know. I'm the only user in my librem15.
yesterday I've installed the shown software-updates in the list. I was logged in as a normal user with my password. The update and newstart have been successfully done. But to my great astonishment the PureOS Browser was not here anymore. Instead mozilla firefox and chrome - my unloved google tech-giants were installed. Why do you (purism) allow this? For me It is unusual...
Then I wanted to re-install pureOS and additionally vivaldi. The system said: I have no rights to do this. So I need my root password.
Please, can you help me? Very much thanks.
Kind regards

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This is not a bug report. If you forgot your password that is not an OS' issue.

Also, you do NOT need root password, you can simply do sudo command to run as root.