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How could I install Kodi?
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Hi. I'm new at PureOS. I've been using as operative system Trisquel before. I've been trying to install Kodi but there are a lot of dependencies not accomplished so I'm not able to install it. Is that because Kodi is not free software or is because PureOS have some software that is missing? I tried to use several Ubuntu PPA too (nightly, unstable and stable) but it resulted worthless.

Can anyone help me to install Kodi or is not possible to do it with PureOS?

Thanks for your time, people. And greetings.

Update (19:30 2020.05.30)

Even I've tried this afternoon to install Kodi with Snap, with something called kiosk, and it have ended up with same result: nothing.

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Wayne added a subscriber: Wayne.May 31 2020, 11:19

You may want to check and track this post. It may be related to your issue.

Thank you @Wayne, but I don't find a solution there or something that could help me.

Wayne added a comment.Jun 1 2020, 15:32

I am sorry that did not help.

You may want to post to the Forum, if you have not already. (I did not see any from you, but I could have missed them.) Probably many more read those posts and some of the technical folks who do are very good.

The (supported) way to install Kodi on PureOS is to use the package which is part of PureOS, *not* use external packages from Ubuntu or elsewhere.

That said, as you might already know from issue T776, the kodi package in PureOS has been broken for quite some time. :-(

Do you use PureOS Amber or PureOS Byzantium?

This issue tracker is for issues with PureOS.
Not for issues with non-PureOS packages - e.g. using PPAs or flatpak or Snap.

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Please tell if you are using PureOS amber or if you are using PureOS byzantium.

I'm sorry, but I abandoned PureOS. There were several things that didn't work to my liking and I didn't have time to study how to do it. For the record, I've been a GNU/Linux user for years, but I didn't quite understand how to make the system work. Maybe I'm getting older... :-/
I can't help to finish this task.

I hope you have found a different distro more to your liking, then.

If you feel like sharing the details that you disliked - apart from not being able to get Kodi working - then that would be helpful to us.
I understand that you have given up, so I will not try to discuss what you share, am just curious what put you off.

Oh, and I sure hope you are getting older, as is common among mammals - would be kinda weird if not ;-)

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