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Feedback: pureos-10~devel-gnome-live_20191212-amd64.hybrid
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  • Live Instance can't shutdown gracefully. Same issue in Boxes, Virtualbox or Bare Metal (L15v4, coreboot 4.11)


  • GNOME Web not a favorite app, thus not showing up on Activities Side Bar
  • Network won't auto reconnect when VPN set to auto connect. (Same issue in Pure9 but thought it was an upstream problem since users reports it in GNOME 3.30 in other distros but fixed when moving to GNOME 3.32+).

That's it for now.

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Network won't auto reconnect when VPN set to auto connect.

I can auto connect to a VPN in PureOS 9 and have network. Need to test in PureOS 10

Also had the exact same issue as in the picture above in gnome boxes. Live image failed to shutdown properly and upon reboot Live iso would load again instead of the installed OS.

Had to force gnome boxes to shutdown the image twice for it to boot properly

Also the

  • dash search bar offers web results from google and bing
  • likely connected to the fact that gnome web has bing and google available as search engines along with DDG

When you remove Bing and Google from Gnome web "search engine options" and reboot the Google and Bing options no longer shows

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