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Capital Letters Random Typing Failures
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Recently some capital letters started to keep randomly stopping working for me. Usually they stop being entered just with one shift but work with the other. Sometimes pressing the key a few times works. Always lower case letter works and a given shift then works for other letters but consistently does not work for a given letter for a period of time and then magically starts to work again. It consistently does not work in all the apps. It happens most of the time and is extremely annoying when writing any text, coding or typing in passwords. I made sure the system is updated and tried using different keyboard layouts with no effect on the issue.

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marekoid created this task.Sep 19 2019, 07:15
mladen closed this task as Invalid.Oct 1 2019, 10:09
mladen added a subscriber: mladen.

Not a software issue, closing.

I think it could be "incomplete" because the information is very generic but ofc could be a software issue.

mladen added a comment.Oct 1 2019, 12:22

@EchedeyLR No, I am communicating with the reported via Purism support channels, we determined this is a hardware issue.

@mladen Thank you for your explanation.