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Non free applications install allowed via Flathub
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Currently Gnome Software allows the installation of Flatpak applications, it gets the flatpaks from Flathub: repo.

However Flathub seems to allows and distribute non-free applications.

Some examples of Flatpak applications with non free licenses that can be found in GNOME software and installed in PureOS are:

  • Visual Studio Code
  • Slack
  • Team Speak

Screenshots of these examples follow;

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This sounds similar to issue T585.

Is offered as a source by default on a freshly installed PureOS system, or does it require some sort if approval or change from the user (see

Upon rechecking, flathub is not offered as a default source.

What happens is when you install one flatpak app from Flathub via CLI for the first time it offers the possibility to add their source to the distribution.

So yes it requires an approval from the user. Sorry for the waste of time.

jonas.smedegaard closed this task as Invalid.Aug 5 2019, 06:52

No need for apology - your concern is appreciated even if it turns to be unfounded.


Closing as a non-issue.