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Rethink the upstream software > PureOS route
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Bypass Debian altogether. The current route is horribly tedious and the latest stable upstream software gets into PureOS when it's already deprecated. Be your own distribution and not a fork.

Requires more Debian packagers. Please don't close it down. Let it on the board and flag it for later.

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Squid added a comment.EditedAug 2 2019, 07:33


Because the current route is so horribly tedious that by the time the latest stable upstream software reaches PureOS, it is no longer the latest stable upstream software but in fact it's way way behind the latest stable upstream software. Upstream means directly from developers. Debian is horribly slow at packaging even in Unstable. This is not urgent but definitely something worth considering.

If enough Debian packagers would come over to PureOS and start packaging software from upstream, PureOS:

  1. could become a distribution proper
  2. would no longer be reliant on upstream Debian
  3. would never have software that is significantly behind the latest stable upstream software
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