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Don't install Kodi by default
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We're currently pre-installing the Kodi media center.

I'm not sure why this is the case currently, but seeing as it's a niche app designed for non-desktop use cases, and doesn't integrate at all with the rest of the OS, I don't think we should continue to ship it.

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tbernard created this task.Mar 2 2019, 08:56
Wayne added a subscriber: Wayne.Mar 3 2019, 05:02

As a user, I support this opinion. I think Kodi was the first thing I ripped off my Librem when I received it. I try to keep only what I need or may need.

jonas.smedegaard assigned this task to mak.Mar 4 2019, 02:56

I think there are a number of extra packages in our default image. I hope to collect a list of those and winnow down our images to improve security by limiting surface area and to limit the amount of applications we have to support.

mak added a comment.Mar 4 2019, 11:44

@jeremiah.foster Kodi was added on request of your predecessor because the initial PureOS had it and PureOS was supposed to be "complete" (including a mediacenter).
IMHO we don't actually need it since people can easily install missing pieces via GNOME Software.

What's an "extra package"? At the moment we pretty much ship the recommended set of apps that GNOME suggests, plus a few convenience utilities (continuously updated package lists and tables can be found at, as always).

I agree @mak, folks can install via GNOME Software.

Extra packages in my mind are those that are in the repos but not necessarily supported by us.

I don't understand the output of the URL you provided. What is it supposed to mean?

mak added a comment.Mar 24 2019, 07:25

@jeremiah.foster The data on this URL lists which packages are in certain seeds and why. Some might be explicitly requested, while others are implicitly added via dependencies of packages that were not explicitly requested to be in the default set.
A "standard" PureOS installation consists of the "minimal", "standard" and a desktop seed (e.g. "gnome"), while the desktop seed is itself comprised of a common platform seed ("desktop-common") combined with a desktop specific one ("gnome" or "plasma").
So, if you want to know what is explicitly added to the GNOME flavor of PureOS, could be interesting, while tables like also contain implicitly added stuff and sizes.

This is very helpful @mak, thanks. I'll read up.

jeremiah.foster triaged this task as Normal priority.May 10 2019, 10:00
mladen closed this task as Resolved.Jan 8 2020, 04:17
mladen added a subscriber: mladen.

Kodi is not installed by default anymore.

mak added a comment.Jan 8 2020, 05:09

Whoops, looks like I completely forgot to close this... Thanks!