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Screen Flashes in Virtual Box
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I am using Virtual Box Graphical User Interface Version 5.2.18_Ubuntu r123745 on Ubuntu 18.04.2 LTS. When loading into my install the screen flashes black and it sometimes only flashes or shows part of the screen.

I have 8GB RAM, 4 processes, 128MB Vid Mem, 3D Acceleration enabled, and 20GB assigned to this environment.

This doesn't happen in my other Linux VMs with 2GB RAM, 2 Processor, 128 MB Vid Mem, 3D Acceleration enabled. ( Kali )

I seen this and that is when I assigned more RAM and CPU to it, but it didn't fix it.

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Seems to me that problems running PureOS in an emulator is an issue with that emulator.
I can suggest that you try raise this as an issue in Ubuntu.
A wild guess could be that you use some non-free graphics driver (e.g. for NVIDIA hardware) which might work great for some things but have issues with other things.

I am not ruling out that this is an issue with PureOS - but I am unaware of any similar issues experienced in other uses of it. Perhaps if someone could try run PureOS in another virtualization/emulation environment - using free drivers - and can report if they experience similar issue then.

Hello @jonas.smedegaard,

I was using the NVIDIA graphics driver. I switched the profile to an Intel based driver with X.Org X server drivers and still the same results. Can you let me know what video drivers PureOS supports?

It was a wild guess at what might cause the issue at the _host_ side which is not PureOS.

PureOS should work on anything Debian works on - it is highly unlikely that the supported set is different, since we change very few things compared to Debian, and I am unaware that the delta involves any changes at all to graphics.

PureOS installer is different from Debian, however, so if your experienced flickering is during install then you cannot compare to Debian. I don't know what is supported and what is not in the installer we use - @mak may be able to help with such details.

Did you try raise this issue with Ubuntu?

Did you try if the problem persist if using a different host environment - e.g. Qemu on Debian?

Hello @jonas.smedegaard,

I have not put an issue to Ubuntu just yet.

I will try to use Qemu on Ubuntu. If that doesn't work, then I have another laptop with Debian on it, I will install VirtualBox there and try the Qemu if that doesn't work.

I'll keep you posted over the next couple of days.

Thank you for your assistance!

Hello @jonas.smedegaard,

So using Qemu on Ubuntu didn't give the flashing ordeal like in VirtualBox, but it would seem that there are other issues such as keys stick and performance is atrocious.

I will try the Debian route another time, but I think I will see what the Ubuntu community has to say or VirtualBox's community.

If anyone can get PureOS running in VirtualBox, please put your settings up! That would be greatly appreciated.