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pureos-installer doesn't install to 4TB or larger SSD
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Trying to load PureOS on a new L15v4 with a Samsung 860 EVO 4TB SSD. I am using a flashdrive with the .iso image downloaded from

Although the system install went well and allowed me to QC the system, an issue was discovered when I chose to complete the setup by ticking the box to erase the SSD and reinstall the OS after reboot. When I proceeded, the disk format utility issued an error and states the drive sector size exceeds the limit, use the GUID utility. It also references something related to MSDOS so I can only assume the existing utility makes use of the old school MBR method that will not support drives greater than 2TB.

The only option allowed after the error is to cycle the system power and at that point, the system stops at the black boot screen and only flashes a DOS command prompt.