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LibreOffice does not run after latest upgrade = 6.1.4-3
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After upgrading LibreOffice to the latest version available at the time of writing this LibreOffice does not start. Running it from the CLI shows "ERROR 4 forking process".
After little bit of debugging I found out that the problem is the updated AppArmor profile for soffice.bin. The exact location of the file is this:


That file belongs to the libreoffice-common package, a copy of a working file is here:

I was able to work around this by copying the same file from other laptop running PureOS without the latest upgrade (version 6.0.5-1) :

and restarting apparmor:

$ sudo systemctl restart apparmor

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jeremiah.foster triaged this task as Normal priority.Jan 10 2019, 05:56

Thanks to Birin Sanchez for this work around, tested here with a slightly later version 6.0.5-2, and functioned as expected.

jeremiah.foster closed this task as Resolved.Jan 10 2019, 06:38
jeremiah.foster reopened this task as Open.Jan 10 2019, 15:52

Reopened the issue until it can be confirmed there is a fix in our repos.

paanvaannd added a subscriber: paanvaannd.EditedJan 10 2019, 16:25

I was having the same issue yesterday and also found AppArmor repeatedly mentioned in $ sudo journalctl | tail output, even after running:

$ sudo apt purge libreoffice-common -y && \
sudo apt autoremove -y && \
sudo apt update && \
sudo apt upgrade -y && \
sudo apt install libreoffice-common -y

to perform a complete reinstall. The only fix for me for the time being was to visit the LibreOffice website and download the deb files from there and install manually through dpkg.

I was directed to this discussion by Mladen, with whom I've been in contact over regarding this issue, and was advised to try reinstalling again from the repo to test whether the issue has been fixed. I did so, but am still seeing the same errors as before.

e: typo

I have same problem. When I try to uninstall and install libreoffice-common, I get this messge :

```AppArmor parser error for /etc/apparmor.d/usr.lib.libreoffice.program.soffice.bin in /etc/apparmor.d/usr.lib.libreoffice.program.soffice.bin at line 89: Could not open 'abstractions/dri-enumerate'
Wayne added a subscriber: Wayne.EditedJan 11 2019, 04:30

@jeremiah.foster, if the changes to the profile are few, could you post them so we can modify our profiles? Thanks. (And thanks for your post on this issue about the rolling release aspect in the forum topic.)

PS. The suggested modifications in the forum thread do work.

jeremiah.foster added a comment.EditedJan 11 2019, 07:48

Hello everyone,

I've added a copy of the file that I'm using on my system. I'm not too keen on uploading random files to the issue tracker and asking people to include them on their systems, it feels like a security hole. In this case I hope it is an expedient. As a modicum of security, please find below the MD5 hashsum of the working file on my system;

7687a64f668c00d2724f4d6929b32071  /etc/apparmor.d/usr.lib.libreoffice.program.soffice.bin

Please find the file in the description and here;

Wayne added a comment.Jan 12 2019, 04:45

Thank you for this information and assistance. You make a good point on downloading the file. As paranoid as I am, it had not occurred to me, though I was really thinking in terms of editing my own file.

I saw that there was an AppArmor package update today from the pureOS repo so I upgraded it, and it seems to have fixed the issue. I can now launch LibreOffice successfully!

Can anyone else who was having this issue confirm that it is working for them now?

It's working for me as well, thank you.

mladen closed this task as Resolved.Jan 15 2019, 07:12