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[FREEDOM ISSUE] originalpackage
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Package: originalpackage
Tag: [nonfree] [semifree] [uses-nonfree] [FIXME:package]
Reference: debian: fsf: savannah: fedora: parabola:
Short description:
Proposed solution: drop replace patch rebuild
Replacement: replacementpackage

NOTE: Please fill all the required lines!
  • originalpackage: The name of the binary package from PureOS
  • replacementpackage: The name of the binary package that provides and replaces the original-package, or empty if there is no compatible replacement. The replacement must be compatible for use by humans and scripts, e.g. fastjar is not a replacement for zip although both solve the same problem.
  • Short description: Short verbal explanation.


  • [nonfree]: The package is obviously nonfree software.
  • [semifree]: The package is mostly free, but contains some nonfree software.
  • [uses-nonfree]: The package depends on, recommends, or otherwise inappropriately integrates with other nonfree software or services.
  • [FIXME:package]: The package has a free replacement, or could be built in a way that is acceptable.


  • drop: No replacement available, drop package.
  • replace: Package can be replaces with another package with same functionality.
  • patch: Package needs to be patched.
  • rebuild: Simple rebuild to catch new dependencies is enough.

References (OPTIONAL):


  • Notes: Additional comments.

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