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Librem 15 v3, Bluetooth has stopped working after resuming from suspend
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Expected Behavior:
Bluetooth should resume working after the laptop has resumed and the wireless switch is positioned to enable wireless devices.

Observed Behavior:
Laptop resumed from suspend and wireless devices enabled with the hardware switch on the right side of the laptop, but Bluetooth does not work. Wi-Fi works as expected. GNOME Settings infers the laptop does not have a Bluetooth device

Troubleshooting Done:
rfkill list shows

0: phy0: Wireless LAN
Soft Blocked: no
Hard Blocked: no
No mention of Bluetooth

lsmod | grep bluetooth shows
bluetooth 626688 12 btrtl, btintel, btbcm, bnep, ath3k, btusb
ecdh_generic 24576 1 bluetooth
rfkill 28672 6 bluetooth, cfg80211
crc16 16384 2 bluetooth, ext4

systemctl status bluetooth shows the service is active (running)

Perusing through journalctl shows the following errors, not all of them are relevant to this issue:
kernel: i915 0000:00:02.0: firmware: failed to load i915/skl_dmc_ver1_27.bin (-2)
kernel: firmware_class: See for information about missing firmware
kernel: usb 1-6: firmware: failed to load ark3k/AthrBT_0x11020110.dfu (-2)
kernel: Bluetooth: Loading patch file failed
ntpd[1702]: error resolving pool Name or service not known (-2)
ntpd[1702]: error resolving pool Name or service not known (-2)
spice-vdagent[1906]: Cannot access vdagent virtio channel /dev/virtio-ports/com.redhat.spice.0

Bluetooth no longer functions, even after cold boot.

Other Notes:
During my last login while Bluetooth did function as expected, I did perform an update. This was two or three days ago.

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jeremiah.foster added a subscriber: jeremiah.foster.EditedJan 3 2019, 10:09

I can confirm this, seeing similar issue.

[   18.375949] usb 1-3: firmware: failed to load ar3k/AthrBT_0x11020100.dfu (-2)
[   18.375954] usb 1-3: Direct firmware load for ar3k/AthrBT_0x11020100.dfu failed with error -2
[   18.375956] Bluetooth: Loading patch file failed
[   18.375964] ath3k: probe of 1-3:1.0 failed with error -2

I did an apt update and installed a new deb -- firmware-atheros -- and that helped the situation. I have Debian repos enabled, not sure if firmware-atheros is in PureOS repos.

I just completed a bluetooth transfer of a photograph from my Pixel to the Librem 13 v3.

jeremiah.foster triaged this task as Normal priority.Jan 3 2019, 10:50
louis added a subscriber: louis.Sep 12 2019, 07:48

I'm experiencing a similar issue. Bluetooth will stop working sometimes after unlocking the session / resuming from a suspend. Restarting the bluetooth daemon does not resolve the problem.

It's also impossible to turn bluetooth off and on again using the Gnome UI.

Last time it happened I added the debugging option to the bluetooth service, but did not find any meaningful log after the next crash. Any advice as to what/where to look for would be appreciated.

I'm also using the firmware-atheros.