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libhostfile-manager-perl: missing in PureOS (and Debian)
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The Perl CPAN library Hostfile::Manager is helpful for Purism Liberty team, and would therefore quite helpful to have included in PureOS.

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@chris.lamb: Please have a look at the Debian package now in NEW queue, and approve if acceptable.

Severity raised due to "winter is coming" for Debian.

I guess you can reassign to me when approved in NEW (or if unapproved as well).

Package is libhostfile-manager-perl tracked in Debian as bug#916437.

Accepted in Debian. (Grr at your insistence of License-Grant! j/k)

jonas.smedegaard added a subscriber: chris.lamb.


Now just lean back and drink gin&tonic for a few weeks while Debian and Laniakea processes it to PureOS green :-D

This weather is far more of for smokey bourbon...