[FREEDOM ISSUE] krusader
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Package: krusader
Tag: [semifree]
Short description: Recommends nonfree programs like RAR
Proposed solution: drop
Notes: Perhaps patchable to remove rar recommendation, or even use unar (unarchiver)

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@mladen.pejakovic if I remove entire range of Suggests, I think that should be sufficient to keep it in archive, right?

@zlatan.todoric I'm afraid not, look:

We need to patch it to remove asking for nonfree executables (unarj, rar and unrar). I'll see if I can make this patch but for the program to be compilable (and working).

I'll look into it today, all those dependencies are part of suggest (and we can just patch the source if it shows asking for it or is problematic for endorsement). @mladen.pejakovic how did other endorsed distros solve this?

how did other endorsed distros solve this?

Parabola drops, Trisquel does nothing.

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