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Screen shuts down only while the laptop is on train
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when I am in the train, my screen becomes black every few minutes. I have to put it on sleep and to wake it up again to have my screen back to normal.

Journal log attached.

nov 23 08:17:21 Olizy systemd-logind[915]: Suspend key pressed. is the moment when the user pressed the standby keyboard shortcut to workaround the issue.

PureOS is updated.

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mladen created this task.Nov 25 2018, 08:16
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I am getting the shutdown issue in laptop and also getting the error code 1001 in my system. I also try on system error 1001 for the help purpose but did not get any response.

hi I have exactly the same issue! @mladen did you find a solution or the cause for the issue?

It is so frustrating not being able to work on my laptop unless I am in an office and even then it sometimes has the same issue.

I just starting using Purism. Maybe someone can help me provide useful logs?



mladen added a comment.Oct 27 2019, 23:23

@max.polwin I'm afraid I fon't have any advice. Would you mind contacting me @support email?

Sure. I'll send an email :-) Cheers!

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I would guess this issue to be tied to graphics drivers or the linux kernel. Both have seen many changes since this issue was reported - is it still reproducible with up-to-date amber or byzantium?

mladen closed this task as Invalid.May 25 2021, 13:35

This was a hardware issue specific to a single unit.