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Please support (at least) amber in upstream Debian
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This is somewhat related to . It will be incredibly more easy for people developing for PureOS if PureOS would be supported by Debian's debootstrap (and if this would tickle down to all downstreams).

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guido created this task.Oct 30 2018, 04:22
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guido renamed this task from Please support (at least) green in upstream Debian to Please support (at least) amber in upstream Debian.Oct 25 2019, 00:07

@jeremiah.foster people are stepping on this while trying to bootstrap amber on Debian - would you take a stab of trying to get this into mainline deboostrap so boostrapping pureos becomes simpler everywhere in the future? I'm happy to help here.

I agree completely and I thought actually that the "amber" dist was already upstream, but apparently not. I'll investigate and try and ensure the amber definition is in Debian's bootstrap.

jeremiah.foster triaged this task as High priority.Oct 25 2019, 07:22
guido added a comment.EditedDec 9 2019, 03:15

that wold be so super cool since it would prevent dragging around deboostrap scripts by hand.

I've added a commen to . Maybe filing a bug against deboostrap (and updating the MR to close it) accelerates this?