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debootstrap does not seem to support landing
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There's a script for green but not for landing in

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guido created this task.Mar 1 2018, 23:12
zlatan.todoric assigned this task to mak.Mar 5 2018, 10:27
mak triaged this task as Low priority.Mar 23 2018, 09:56

That's intentional, because landing is/was not supposed to be bootstrapped. It's original intent was just a playground like experimental, while the real deal is green.

However, for testing purposes, bootstrapping landing might make sense, so adding landing at least to PureOS' debootstrap is likely a good idea (adding it to Debian's version I am not sure about yet, due do landing's very generic name).

guido added a comment.Mar 27 2018, 04:33

@mak then what about

This says I should bootstrap landing. One side has to give in.

mak added a comment.Mar 27 2018, 05:07

What usually happens is that you debootstrap green and then just add the landing repository (either replacing green, or on top).
Oddly though, that's not mentioned in even, so I think the docs need some update to reflect the current state of things (even if we add a landing suite to debootstrap later).

guido added a comment.Mar 27 2018, 07:09

can we get rid of this hack? There will be more people contributing to pureos in the future (phone team).

guido added a comment.Jun 21 2018, 23:39

There's also tools like vmdeboostrap that invoke deboostrap / pbuilder directly. It would be much simpler if they could work out of the box.

Same is true for purple.

@mak, go forward with this implementation so contributions and work of phone team becomes natural within pureos :)

guido added a comment.Jun 22 2018, 03:03

Ubuntu's scripts (/usr/share/debootstrap/scripts) are also in Debian. Would be great if the same were to be true for pureos since that would tickle to all downstreams and enable many more people to contribute without hazards.

mak added a comment.Jun 30 2018, 09:56

@guido Ubuntu's scripts have a less-generic name though - that's why debootstrap in Debian has "green" and the Tanglu distribution names ("chromodoris", etc.) but not "staging" (Tanglu's equivalent to "landing") - I assume the same will be true for the generic landing name.

Meanwhile though we can update the scripts in PureOS, I need to revise them anyway, and add landing.

mak closed this task as Resolved.Jun 30 2018, 10:47

This is resolved in debootstrap >= 1.0.104pureos1 now.
You are now able to bootstrap purple and landing based on a revised green script.