Cannot log in to the system if the password entered second time
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I noticed that when I start my computer, if I mistype my password, and press enter and next time type it correctly, after pressing enter my system hangs up, and I need to restart it again.

Is there a solution for that?



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If you have not already, you may wish to make certain your system is current. There was a similar issue, but it was fixed in late August. Please refer to

If you are up-to-date, it may be a new problem.

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Hi Wayne,
How do I make my system up-to date? I tried sudo apt-get update, but it returns an error.


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I use the following commands from a terminal prompt:

sudo apt update
sudo apt full-upgrade

I have not used apt-get, except for rare operations I needed to do. The forums can be helpful for things like this.

If this is your first time updating, there may be a lot of packages. When I received my Librem in April, I had over 900 packages that were updated. (I am a user, not one of the Purism staff.)

By the way, the entropy problem I initially mentioned--but edited out--was another password issue that was fixed. They roughly coincided and my memory failed me.

Hi Wayne,

I ran the commands you mentioned and everything is fixed now. Thank you for your help.



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Terrific. I am glad that worked for you.

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