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[FREEDOM ISSUE] geogebra
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Package: geogebra
Tag: [nonfree]
Short description: Non commercial license ->
Proposed solution: drop

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mladen created this task.May 8 2017, 06:40
mladen updated the task description. (Show Details)May 12 2017, 15:10

@mladen.pejakovic can you give me some FSF text that points to this issue because:

The GeoGebra source code is licensed to you under the terms of the GNU General Public License (version 3 or later) as published by the Free Software Foundation, the current text of which can be found via this link: ("GPL"). Attribution (as required by the GPL) should take the form of (at least) a mention of our name, an appropriate copyright notice and a link to our website located at

So I fail to see how it is nonfree.

mladen added a comment.May 20 2017, 03:42


Is GeoGebra free and open source software?
GeoGebra is open source software and available free of charge for non-commercial users.
Please note that GeoGebra as a complete software program would probably not be considered "free" software according to the definition of that term which is used by the Free Software Foundation.

mladen added a comment.EditedJul 14 2017, 07:13

After I stumbled upon this:

I've realized things aren't so simple. From their website:

How is GeoGebra licensed?

We license the different component parts of GeoGebra differently depending on their origin (authorship) and depending on your intended use of GeoGebra (see also next question)

 * the source code is licensed under the GNU General Public License to ensure consistency with the various other pieces of software and libraries which are used within the GeoGebra source code (for a complete list of which see:
 * the GeoGebra installers (for various platforms including Linux, Mac OS, Windows, Android, iOS) and our web services (including GeoGebra Materials platform) are made available under our own licensing terms which have been drafted by an experienced law firm. We allow you to use the installers and web services for non-commercial purposes only provided you acknowledge GeoGebra; and
 * the GeoGebra language files are made available under a Creative Commons license, which allows non-commercial use of these files.

Basically, we need to make sure geogebra is built from sources and using those installers, and to remove language files.

mak lowered the priority of this task from 95 to Freedom Issue.Aug 18 2017, 22:10
jonas.smedegaard closed this task as Resolved.Sep 7 2017, 08:02
jonas.smedegaard added a subscriber: jonas.smedegaard.

GeoGebra licenses its documentation as CC-BY-SA-3.0, since at least version packaged prior to initial release in Debian in 2010.

They do indeed warn users about potential issues depending on use, but the actual license applied is Free by both Debian and (I believe) FSF definitions, so this issue is bogus.

I wanted to add to this issue that Geogebra is no longer updated in Debian due to the license, cf. The problem is not only the documentation is licensed for non-commercial, but also the language files. As a result, it seems impossible to me to have a package with the free parts only, because such a version would not include any strings and hence be unusable?

Please note that this issue is about whether or not a package in PureOS is violating policies defined by Debian and/or FSF.

One way to solve such violation-of-policy issues is to _avoid_ distribution of certain software, and indeed policy concerns seem to be part of the reason for Geogebra not being upgraded in Debian (and, by extension, in PureOS).

This issue is *not*. however, about "everything Geogebra": Please file a separate issue about upgrading Geogebra to a newer release, if that is really what is your concern.