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Nautilus 3.30.0-stable crashes during typing of search strings
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Nautilus 3.30.0-stable crashes during typing of search strings. It does not happen every time, about 50%. Typing speed might be a factor. Fast typing results in a crash more often than very slow typing. Also unsure if related to multiple tabs being open.

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nochelibre created this task.Sep 19 2018, 17:26
nochelibre added a comment.EditedSep 20 2018, 06:44

Definitely does not matter if there are multiple tabs or not for Nautilus to crash. Fast or slow typing both produce a crash. Pasting into the search field so far does not produce a crash. In one case, %CPU reached 200% and Nautilus became unresponsive for long enough that I killed the process. All this is completely new behavior with 3.30.0-stable and never happened with the prior version,, which was rock solid.

nochelibre closed this task as Resolved.Sep 21 2018, 21:10
nochelibre claimed this task.

Even though Nautilus' own "About" dialog showed version 3.30.0-stable, it was actually version 3.30.0-1. I just saw an update to 3.30.0-4, checked the bugs at , and saw other people had the same bugs. This just got fixed in version 3.30.0-4. Whew, I was about to install Dolphin or Thunar.

Since I got zero responses here, it seems this is not the place to report anything not unique to PureOS. Seems better to go straight to GNOME or wherever upstream. Correct me if I'm wrong. Cheers.