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PureBrowser looks like QR code after screenshot
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I took a screenshot (with Gnome screenshot app) of PureBrowser and it turned into what looks like a mix of QR code, a chess field and an 80s wallpaper.

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niceguy created this task.Aug 7 2018, 02:44
nochelibre added a subscriber: nochelibre.EditedAug 8 2018, 19:07

Does it look like this? If so, it's probably the same issue reported at

niceguy added a comment.Aug 14 2018, 03:03

Yes exactly. Sorry for the double entry. Should this task be deleted?

Wayne added a subscriber: Wayne.Aug 14 2018, 04:34

I would not. I regard the Forum as a discussion and the Task Tracker as a place for formal issues affecting multiple users. It is, however, good to include links to the Forum here.

I agree.

By the way, this evening I observed the same "checkerboard" display corruption on a Kate (editor) popup dialog after taking a screenshot of it with Alt-Prt Scr on a Librem 15v3. That means it's not just an issue with Web browsers. This is the first I've seen this, and I could not get a screen capture of it or I would have included it.

I was completely up to date with PureOS this afternoon, but I see a few updates await me this evening.

Wayne removed a subscriber: Wayne.Aug 26 2018, 05:23
nochelibre added a comment.EditedSep 14 2018, 17:43

Yesterday’s system update showed many GNOME packages upgraded to 3.30.0, but it did not fix this issue.

To clarify, the window remaining onscreen is what gets the display corruption. The screenshots themselves turn out fine.

Double-clicking the top border of the corrupted window to maximize the window will clear the display corruption. Double-clicking again to return the window to its previous size causes no issue.

Wayne added a comment.Sep 15 2018, 08:34

I did the same and the problem still occurs, but I noticed that gnome-screenshot was not updated in the latest batch. (Now 9/15. Because of Florence, I did not login and update the past couple of days.) On my system, it is still 3.26.0-3.

Wayne added a comment.EditedSep 16 2018, 11:43

This may be fixed with today's (9/16) update. gnome-screenshot itself was updated to 3.30.0 and appears to work for me.

UPDATE: I should have thought of this: ‘Grab the whole screen’ and ‘Select area to grab’ seem to work for me. ‘Grab the current window’ does not.

nochelibre added a comment.EditedSep 17 2018, 00:52

I also just got the 3.30.0 update for GNOME Screenshot, and 'Grab the current window' still shows the display corruption. As before, 'Grab the whole screen' and 'Select area to grab' do not have any problem. So, the bug is limited to grabbing a window.

By the way, I used both the GUI and the keyboard shortcuts, and there is no difference in results.

nochelibre added a comment.EditedOct 8 2018, 10:24

As of today's updates (2018-10-08), this issue persists and is still seen with a number of applications: PureBrowser, GNOME Web (Epiphany), Kate, and Okular. It seems to have been fixed for GNOME Files (Nautilus) and Thunar.

Thunar was updated today from 1.6.15 to 1.8.1 and while the screenshot issue disappeared, now it crashes immediately when clicking on any file. Crashing does not happen if logged in as GNOME on Xorg.

nochelibre closed this task as Resolved.Dec 1 2018, 23:46
nochelibre claimed this task.

This just got fixed with yesterday's updates. Excellent!