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Can not lock screen in GNOME
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Recently i have configured the screen to lock after turn off but it does nothing. The screen is turned off but not locked.
I also have tried lock screen by default shortcut (Super+L) but it does not work even, i have tried to change the shortcut without solve the problem).

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EchedeyLR created this task.Jul 27 2018, 04:53
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EchedeyLR raised the priority of this task from Normal to Needs Triage.Jul 27 2018, 13:02

I have seen that lock screen button does not appear in right top bar options.

Apparently, no problems on news user, only on the user created from the installer.

This issue is maintained after some upgrades in the default user.

Provided to show the issue. The lock button is not showed as in other users newly created.

EchedeyLR added a comment.EditedDec 4 2019, 09:23

It seems it was disabled by default in my session. (The first picture is after enabled it)