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PureOS support in screenfetch
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Hi, good news: The Screenfetch project add suport for PureOS =)

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wellton renamed this task from Suport Screenfetch for PureOS =) to Good News: Support Screenfetch for PureOS =).Jun 2 2018, 04:51
wellton created this task.
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Hi @wellton! That is great news indeed. Is this in the version in PureOS now? Not 100% entirely sure of the purpose of this report/task at the moment :)

chris.lamb renamed this task from Good News: Support Screenfetch for PureOS =) to PureOS support in screenfetch.Jun 3 2018, 08:49
wellton added a comment.Jun 3 2018, 16:27

Hello @chris.lamb , for now, it's only in the last version of screenfetch github, but it will not take long to update in debian and soon after in PureOS =)

chris.lamb claimed this task.Jun 4 2018, 00:24

Ah, I see:

Indeed, the next steps would typically be:

  • Get a new upstream release out
  • Get Debian to update their package
  • Wait for that to hit Purism

… but would you like it sooner than that? :)

chris.lamb triaged this task as Wishlist priority.Jun 4 2018, 03:29
wellton added a comment.Jun 4 2018, 05:54

Hi @chris.lamb . of course !! =)

how to do?

how to do?

Can you clarify which you mean here?

(I would, in either case, request that upstream cut a new release...)

chris.lamb closed this task as Resolved.Jun 17 2018, 06:54

Fixed in screenfetch 3.8.0-8pureos1 :)