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Restarting OS by itself with "@@@@@" appearing
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When I close the laptop (not turning it off) and when I open it (before or after entering my password account) I have a black screen with lines of @@@@@ appearing in a flash.
then it is opening like a fresh new restart of the OS : all the previous opened applications are gone,.

This issue is happening whenever the battery is charged or not.

sometimes it is even happening when I connect an external hard drive to it, the flash window with @@@ lines and a fresh new restart...

Do you have an idea ? how to fix this ?

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QiZhi created this task.May 31 2018, 00:58
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Would it be possible to see a picture of this "@@@@" ?


Due to several other issues I simply decide to restore and re-install PureOs.
I'm still trying to make the partitioning as I would like but I'm facing here again some difficulties as a newbie with Linux...

see :

Thx for your help on this

Hi, so you can no longer reproduce this particular issue?

no indeed I can't

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Thanks, closing this issue to match. :)