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Installer: mismatch between kernel in installer vs kernel in the archive
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I downloaded the PureOS iso from to create a local VM.

I run into trouble on the "Load installer components from CD" step. The text suggests a different kernel version in the installer from what is in the archive causing the issue. If I go forward without installing kernel modules, then my ethernet card isn't detected. Without networking, how can I even fix this? I suppose I could finish the install, loopback mount the qcow2 and copy debs that were manually downloaded from PureOS but this is a huge pain that I am not willing to do.

ISO in question: pureos-8.0-gnome-live_20180426-amd64.hybrid.iso
host OS: Debian stable with some packages from testing
qemu: 2.8+dfsg-6+deb9u4
virt-manager: 1.4.0-5

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Resolved in the 2018-05-30 image, currently building:

The d-i install option should not be there, at the moment we only support Calamares as a way to install PureOS (and an effort to unify the install process). Sorry for the confusion!

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unfortunately, this problem still persists in iso 20180530.
I use Thinkpad T400 with Libreboot. The checksum is the same.

7dd8325f2a440eb3234c32d00d21d0e703343371bf97f0e704f27b47bd7c6a47 pureos-8.0-gnome-live_20180530-amd64.hybrid.iso

The md5sum of the 0426 and 0530 isos are definitely different:
452765b43d9223c7cb7fee6fbdf2357f pureos-8.0-gnome-live_20180426-amd64.hybrid.iso
7ffc352ba28b954922fe9d3739f8460b pureos-8.0-gnome-live_20180530-amd64.hybrid.iso

The issue on the 0426 issue would occur if you chose "Install" from the initial installer menu that is no longer an option in the 0530 iso. Can you confirm that you do not see this "Install" option? In order to install the 0530 iso you will have to choose the "Test and install PureOS" option where PureOS should start and then you can install from the icon in the favorites menu.

If you do not see what I describe for the 0530 iso, I suggest you re-download the iso and try again.

wellton added a comment.EditedJun 1 2018, 10:07

Hi @heather.ellsworth , Same 0426`s problem see the pictures below. I re-downloaded the iso 0530.

wellton added a comment.Jun 7 2018, 03:59

@heather.ellsworth What is wrong? Is it because of the libreboot? Can you fix that? 2018-01-20 works with libreboot.

@wellton Yes, your issue appears to be due to using libreboot instead of using the image as is. I'm not sure what @mak 's plan for support of libreboot is going forward but for now to fix your issue, I'd recommend you use the as it is with no changes.

mak added a comment.Jun 7 2018, 12:14

@wellton To me it looks like you are installing PureOS on an UEFI payload. This has not been tested at all and is not really supported. Are you using an EFI Payload for Libreboot?
What you can try is to run the Live session, and install the system from there with the Live installer - that might work (but has not been tested by anybody yet).

wellton added a comment.EditedJul 10 2018, 13:15

@mak Hi Make, how are you?

I downloaded this iso:

When I choose live,, it loses the kernel. I edit the grub and put /casper in front of vmlinuz, then the boot happens and the live works normally ...

its Works =)

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see ...