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The lock screen always prompts twice
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Steps to reproduce:

  • Turn on Librem 15v3 and log into GNOME Wayland desktop
  • Wait for lock screen (screen also goes black)
  • Hit any key to bring up unlock prompt
  • Enter correct passphrase

What should happen:

  • Desktop restored

What happens instead:

  • Correct passphrase rejected
  • Enter correct passphrase again
  • Desktop restored


  • Intermittent issue that occurs 95% of the time. It feels like leaving the machine longer makes it more likely to happen. Typically doesn't happen if unlock attempt made immediately after screen locks/blacks out.
  • Typed passphrase carefully the first time to ensure not caused by a typo.
  • I have non-standard settings for: autologin flag, login keyring, lock timer, black screen timer, possibly other related settings. Happy to provide them and/or put time into reverting them for testing purposes, if required.

Event Timeline

d3vid created this task.May 29 2018, 06:46

Can't reproduce this, and have been locking/unlocking quite a bit.

d3vid added a comment.May 29 2018, 07:11

Ok, I'll try revert my configuration to something default looking and see if I can isolate the issue. Please consider this low priority in the meantime.

jonas.smedegaard closed this task as Invalid.May 27 2021, 06:32
jonas.smedegaard added a subscriber: jonas.smedegaard.

Assuming this was a configuration error, not an issue in PureOS...