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Web/Epiphany Web Applications Mode for PureOS / Web Apps
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Fiddling around with "Web" (Gnome Epiphany), has a lot of benefits it seems, I will test it more over the coming weeks. But one very interesting thing was which is probably on-target with Purism's tech roadmap to isolate html5 apps within our app store.

Zlatan, take a look and see if this approach gets us what we want, and I'd like to then test a handful of apps.

My vision (to be discussed and edited appropriately) is to:

  1. find a webpage-to-isolated-app solution ("Web Application Mode" may solve this)
  2. create some web-app-<name> packages that contain, an icon, a url, and a name, (and other things that help Gnome Software offer it as an app)
  3. create a spider to pull in any web-app that qualifies (such as finding home-pages that use the <link rel="apple-touch-icon" href="/custom_icon.png"/> tag
  4. confirm those web-apps to be added to Gnome Software within PureOS
  5. allow users to install them and appear as an icon within PureOS
  6. upon launching "Web" opens up to the url (fullscreen?/maximized?)

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todd created this task.Mar 26 2017, 07:24
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mak triaged this task as Wishlist priority.Jan 15 2018, 11:38

This is pretty much all done already, we are just blocking on some bug fixes needed in GNOME Software.
I thought I would quickly do that when the ftp-masters enabled AppStream on the Debian repo again so I could test the whole pipeline, but they seem to be ignoring me[1] :P

So, depending on what other tasks come up, I might fast-forward this feature on PureOS.


kingemir added a subscriber: kingemir.Oct 9 2019, 01:52