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Software reports that Blender fails to install, but is in fact installed.
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PureOS up to date. Librem 15v3. As you can see from the screenshot, Blender is installed but Software is reporting the opposite. Intended behavior is that Blender would install normally and launch. It does in fact launch from Software or the menu. Uninstall of Blender keeps the notification "unable to install Blender as not supported" or "something went wrong." Additionally, the update of (1) listed under the installed section continually remains regardless of Blender being installed or not. Reproduce steps: update PureOS, install Blender.

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james.rufer created this task.Mar 5 2018, 06:56

Didn't upload the screenshot

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mak changed the task status from Open to Incomplete.Apr 25 2018, 17:20

That's a weird one... Can you still reproduce the issue? Can you verify that the "packagekit" package is installed?

The issue remains. I'm informed of this "unable to install" issue everytime I open Software.

james@librem15v3-enterprise-pureos:~$ dpkg -l | grep packagekit
ii gir1.2-packagekitglib-1.0 1.1.9-1 amd64 GObject introspection data for the PackageKit GLib library
ii libpackagekit-glib2-18:amd64 1.1.9-1 amd64 Library for accessing PackageKit using GLib
ii packagekit 1.1.9-1 amd64 Provides a package management service
ii packagekit-tools 1.1.9-1 amd64 Provides PackageKit command-line tools

I'm still seeing these despite the numerous updates/reboots that have happened since along with uninstalling and reinstalling Blender.

mak added a comment.Jul 29 2018, 23:37

Can you please run gnome-software in verbose mode (killall gnome-software ; gnome-software --verbose) and see what GS says when you load the Blender page?
(paste the log somewhere, ideally)

jonas.smedegaard closed this task as Invalid.May 27 2021, 06:22
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sadly there can be no followup for this issue.