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German Keyboard
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So, we have a 13v3 Purism laptop with German keyboard. When press, the z and y keys act as if they are in an American Keyboard layout. so pressing on the z key will output a "y".

None of the special keys output their corresponding keys such as "the beta symbol" or "Ö". is there a setting i should set?

The 13" keyboard still outputs ">" instead of the "\". Was this addressed in the latest OEM ~2/20 ? Testing in live (1/20) will output that paticular problem.

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Caliga added a subscriber: Caliga.Mar 22 2018, 15:18

I think you're mixing up hardware layout (or labeling) and software layout. If you select a German layout, Z will yield z.

Still there is an issue: On arrival, my Librem13v2 (German) produced a pipe symbol, as desired.
Now, after installing the latest updates, pipe symbol is broken.
The # key and the > give 43 with 'showkey'
Please have a look here:

mak added a subscriber: mak.Mar 22 2018, 21:52

@ah_purism Have you selected a German keyboard layout in System Settings --> Region and Language --> Input Sources? (click the plus symbol, then the dots and search for the German keyboard layout you want)

Caliga added a comment.Mar 23 2018, 04:50

@mak should I create a separate task for the pipe issue?
The situation is very confusing to me. Pipe worked when I received my German Librem13V2 a few days ago, now it no longer works.
I'm wondering if this is a result of T328 (fixing US, breaking DE?), but I can't tell.
However, two other users previously reported that it stopped working:
This makes me wonder if it could be a weird sideeffect of ME-disablement / hardware initialization.

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