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possibly non-free software available through Gnome Software
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In testing grsec and software install, I randomly picked this application to install and got a different error, note there are two concerns here:

  1. The "proprietary" tag
  2. The request to add a (non-free?) repository

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todd created this task.Mar 18 2017, 14:26
mak claimed this task.Mar 18 2017, 16:38
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Why is the source "none" - that does not make sense.
I guess some label is set incorrectly in appstream-generator or dak.

mak added a comment.Mar 19 2017, 13:35

This should be fixed automatically in a few hours when the archive files have been regenerated.

mak added a comment.Mar 19 2017, 17:24

That request to add another repository is something I have also seen every once in a while a few months ago - I think it's an upstream bug.
Let's see if that happens again when this issue is resolved.

mak closed this task as Resolved.Mar 19 2017, 19:33

Works :)