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Atom Text Editor text is distorted
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Whenever I open the Atom text editor, the text looks distorted (both on the menus and in any documents that I try to edit).

I have tested it on Debian Stretch and Debian Testing, and this issue doesn't occur on either of them, leading me to believe that the issue resides with PureOS. This also happens on by my Librem 13v2, as well as a Librebooted Thinkpad X200 that I own. I have also updated all packages to their latest versions, using the following command, and restarted my computer after the upgrade:

sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade

I am also using the most up-to-date version of Atom. This has been an ongoing issue for at least the past two months.

I have included a screen shot for reference.

If you need any more information, please let me know.

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ezs777 created this task.Dec 22 2017, 13:34

The Atom Text Editor is not part of PureOS (nor Debian) so it would be most helpful if you could try locate some other tool that is supported by PureOS which has same distortions, so that we can replicate within the constraints of the system.

Also, it is helpful if you can elaborate on the kind of distortions you are experiencing.
(yes, I know you included a screenshot, but it would be sad to spend countless hours making the "f" look more sharp if it was not that kind of distortion you really meant to raise as an issue here)

ezs777 added a comment.Dec 23 2017, 09:03

I have not found any other application with this same issue in PureOS, which is why I created a bug report for the Atom text editor specifically. I thought it appropriate to put the bug here, because it only happens in PureOS (not in Debian Stretch, Debian Testing, Linux Mint, or Trisquel 7/8), so I think it must be specific to something unique to PureOS.

I don't think that the distortions are necessarily tied to a specific character/font; they just seem to appear at random, once I've typed a couple characters or more. That's part of what makes it annoying; if it were just one specific character, it would be a lot easier to ignore and diagnose. Plus, like in the screen shot, you can also see that it applies not only to typed text, but also to the menus and options.

Thanks for (vaguely) hinting at what to look for in the screenshot. That is helpful.

I understand your reasoning on why you suspect something in PureOS is causing this issue. I tend to agree (although I can imagine other explanations too only indirectly triggered by PureOS). That does not change, however, that involving non-PureOS parts makes it more difficult to work on this issue.

It would likely be helpful if you can you provide the full list of what has been installed on Debian and PureOS, respectively - both what is installed using official Debian/PureOS packages, and what has been installed outside of Debian/PureOS sources.

ezs777 added a comment.EditedDec 23 2017, 09:42

It's actually easy to identify which apps were installed, because I tested this issue with a default installation of all operating systems mentioned, the only extra package being installed was the Atom package itself (along with its dependencies).

With Pure OS, simply use the latest ISO, available from With Debian Stretch, download the Net Installer for version 9.3 from the website, and install with the GNOME desktop. With Debian Testing, use the Debian Buster Alpha 2 Net Installer, with the GNOME desktop.

You would then just need to get a list of all the default packages for each distribution, and compare them; that should get you the information you need (for Debian distros, this is readily available from

Thanks for your information.

It seems this issue will not progress until someone try replicate your custom environment and then - hopefully for the sake of this issue - can replicate the issue you experience.

To repeat: It would be helpful if *you* can provide such information, since you already have the custom environment with the particular behaviour.

ezs777 closed this task as Resolved.Jan 4 2018, 13:53

I changed the Antialiasing in Gnome Tweak > Fonts to Standard, it it looked the way it's supposed to.