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"No kernel modules were found" when installing PureOS
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This is:

$ sha1sum pureos-8.0-live-amd64.hybrid.iso 
021d002fe8f7fdf2ba4d53a40d297069ef0a811d  pureos-8.0-live-amd64.hybrid.iso

(The kernel modules on the USB are indeed for 4.11.0, whilst the installer is running 4.9.0.)

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chris.lamb created this task.Dec 21 2017, 10:29
zlatan.todoric assigned this task to mak.Dec 24 2017, 09:48

ie. the installer is entirely broken unless you, somehow, don't need any kernel modules whatsoever!

I initially reported this for pureos-8.0-live-amd64.hybrid.iso with a SHA1 of

I can reproduce this on the latest version of pureos-8.0-live-amd64.hybrid.iso with SHA1 94a60b15505085c588ad67d13de40af957383fbe.

(The latter is apparently dated 2017-12-17)

mak added a comment.Jan 3 2018, 20:18

I actually warned about this issue, so people would not link to the December image from our download page, as I haven't had the time to fix the problem during that month...
Oh well...

This issue will be resolved with the next image rebuild, which will be done once the Meltdown attack is mitigated in our kernel.

mak triaged this task as High priority.Jan 3 2018, 20:19

I actually warned about this issue, so people would not link to the December image from our download page

Not sure I understand this given that both versions (November and December?) do not work.

mak added a comment.Jan 4 2018, 10:18

Hmm, the November image should work (from 2017-11-11) and only the December images should have this issue... But maybe I overlooked something there.
This issue should be resolved soon.


So my other ISO which I thought that was November might be from earlier - it has a non-November timestamp on my filesystem, but I have idea whether I can trust that hence giving you the SHAs in a few messages back.

(+1 for versioned file downloads!)

mak closed this task as Resolved.Jan 6 2018, 15:53

Resolved in the 2018-01-06 images.

Confirmed with da3762b113acc39c81d6ba8a8903054ab40d3858 pureos-8.0-live-amd64.hybrid.iso