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purebrowser - need logo and related artwork
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PureBrowser cannot use logo and related artwork as-is from Firefox sources, due to trademark issue.

A brief look at logo and artwork previously applied seems that includes only bitmapped graphics (acceptable but SVG files would be ideal), and did not reveal proper copyright and licensing information (bad if true).

The source material previously used need to be located and re-applied with proper copyright and licensing, or new artwork must be produced.

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jonas.smedegaard added a subscriber: francois.

@francois can you have a look at this?

For inspiration look at official Firefox branding at and Hema's previous work at

@geppuzo ping!

Please do tell me if I can help narrow down what needs customizing. Some files in there seem used only for Windows/Mac but I won't waste time investigating closely if you perhaps already know better, and maybe even helped do the previous branding that I failed to locate proper copyright and licensing for.

whoops, sorry - meant to ping @francois

Branding with different logo sizes has been done previously. At that time Hema made me replace all the logo files from Firefox so I guess that the licensing was the same as in Firefox?

You can find the images here :

Thanks, I will check out those files, and get back to you...

Those PNG images look like they were generated from a vector-based source. Also, they lack information about copyright holder and licensing.

Ideally we would include with the PureBrowser source package not such PNG images but Inkscape SVG image(s), and generate the PNG images during package build. And together with that SVG image (e.g. embedded inside would be a copyright claim and a libre license grant.

Makes sense? Can you do that?

Well, I am not sure to understand correctly. Do you need the SVG image of the icon with some kind of tag within the file as the license?

If so, I will check how to do that with Inkscape.

If you have an SVG image then I need that, yes.

If you don't have an SVG image, then tell me what you do have, so that I can help figure out how we best proceed from there.

Regarding license, don't worry about that at first. Better get the image(s) done first and then care about metadata afterwards.

Yes @jonas.smedegaard I have an SVG version of the icon. You can get it here :

Let me know if it needs some changes.

jonas.smedegaard added a comment.EditedDec 21 2017, 05:41

Thanks! That SVG is usable as-is to generate all but one of the PNGs.


inkscape --export-id=g6544 --export-png=default256.png --export-width=256 purebrowser-icon.svg

It is slightly easier to handle if you edit the SVG and rename the object that we want to export as PNG:

  1. Open the SVG in Inkscape
  2. Select all
  3. Group all objects
  4. Open object Properties
  5. Change property "ID" of the group to "globe"
  6. Click the button "Set"
  7. Save

If we wanted to generate "bigintro.png" then the SVG would need an added rectangle to frame that - a white rectangle placed below the globe, with id "bgintro".

...but really the "bigintro.png" seem to be wrong, and instead we need an "about.png" which (if modelled similar to Firefox themes) not only frames top part of the globe in a rectangle but also includes the word "PureBrowser".

When working, these should both generate sensible PNGs:

inkscape --export-id=globe --export-id-only --export-png=default256.png --export-width=256 purebrowser-icon-test.svg
inkscape --export-id=about --export-png=about.png --export-width=300 purebrowser-icon-test.svg

Regarding license: Please open Document properties, and fill out "Metadata" and "License".

I have updated the file (same URL).

I didn't added the "bigintro" rectangle yet as I didn't get if you need it or not.

For the license, I am not used to icons licenses so I made it as CC By-SA as it is the license I usually use for art, but I am not sure that it can be a problem with PureBrowser. That said, I do wish those icons from Purism to be copyleft. I don't want them to be used by proprietary stuff.

We need the equivalent of

(what we do not need - because it is used only for Windows installer package - is the equivalent of

CC-BY-SA is fine from a distribution point of view: It is "free enough" and not incompatible with licensing of related parts.

(...and it seems you have sensibly reflected on whether you as copyright holder find that licensing appropriate from your ethical point of view, which is good)

Your browser-about.svg looks good. And with embedded IDs for globe and appname. Thanks!

One problem, though: It seems you use the font Ek Mukta Bold. That is a Free font, and its sources are Free too - but unfortunately the build process requires non-free tools :-(

Effektively that font cannot be included in Debian, and consequently I cannot generate the bitmap graphics from the source SVG :-(

If that particular choice of font is an important design choice, then I will have to ask you to provide an SVG file where you convert the text to paths. But preferrably I would love if we could do this technically optimal - if you could be convinced to switch font to something which is (or can be) packaged officially in Debian.

jonas.smedegaard closed this task as Wontfix.May 28 2021, 01:05

Purism has abandoned the development of PureBrowser for some time now.

PureOS now recommends using GNOME Web (a.k.a. Epiphany), and also provides Firefox ESR.