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GNOME Software says "Restart and Update", terminal apt dist-upgrade doesn't require a reboot...
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One issue I have encountered with PureOS is the GNOME alert to software update, I click it, it opens software with a "Restart and Update" blue button, if I click it it downloads, restarts, and installs (annoying since it closes the session, applications, etc, should only be needed for lower level updating (kernel, etc.).

If I open terminal and type 'sudo apt update && sudo apt dist-upgrade' it removes GNOME alert and software update (GOOD), but it does all this without a restart (EVEN BETTER!).

So, why does GNOME require a restart upon software update when apt does not?

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todd created this task.Dec 8 2017, 16:53

This is how GNOME developers designed it as you can't really be sure a service/daemon got updated and properly works so it requires a reboot. This is aimed at less experienced users and updates aren't always booletproof. Anyway, this is upstream design atm - not really sure if we should change it (Windows does updates in similar fashion).

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