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systemd - drop obsolete derived package
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Current derived systemd 234-2pureos1 package derived from Debian with a single-line change fixing udeb for graphical installs.

That change is since included in 234-2.1 and subsequent Debian releases, so the derived package should be dropped.

Raising severity, since a range of other changes was included in later Debian releases as well, including a new upstream release.

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mak closed this task as Resolved.Nov 4 2017, 18:06

Package systemd resynchronized with Debian.

INFO: Imported 'systemd_235-2.dsc' to 'landing/main'.
INFO: Imported 'libudev-dev_235-2_amd64.deb libnss-myhostname_235-2_amd64.deb libpam-systemd_235-2_amd64.deb libnss-resolve_235-2_amd64.deb libnss-mymachines_235-2_amd64.deb libsystemd-dev_235-2_amd64.deb libsystemd0_235-2_amd64.deb libnss-systemd_235-2_amd64.deb libudev1_235-2_amd64.deb libudev1-udeb_235-2_amd64.udeb systemd-sysv_235-2_amd64.deb systemd-coredump_235-2_amd64.deb systemd_235-2_amd64.deb udev_235-2_amd64.deb systemd-container_235-2_amd64.deb systemd-journal-remote_235-2_amd64.deb udev-udeb_235-2_amd64.udeb systemd-tests_235-2_amd64.deb' to 'landing/main'.
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