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Grub command line prompt after installation
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I've tried installing PureOS 8 (Prometheus Beta 1) several times without success. I was running KDE neon side by side with windows 10 before. The hard drive is formatted as GPT. Every time after the live installer finishes and reboots the system I end up with grub. Typing "exit" starts Windows 10 which doesn't seem to be affected at all.
I would like to install PureOS to test the system and therefore support the project. I really don't know what went wrong or what I did wrong. I went ahead with the live installer as usual. Anyone has an idea?

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grafd created this task.Oct 17 2017, 12:59
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Could you please try this again with a recent PureOS image? The live installer has been updated several times.
Did you do a custom installation of the OS, or did you use one of the default options?

mak closed this task as Resolved.Mar 14 2018, 13:19

I tried many things and couldn't reproduce this issue - please file a new one in case the problem persists.